May 2012

And Sew It Begins…..My First Blog

For quite a few years now the general consensus seems to be that sewing has become a lost art.    I hope this isn't true.

While expressing one's individuality through the creative process has never been more popular, sewing your own clothes seems to be falling by the wayside.  For proof of this you need look no further than your local fabric shop. Consider yourself lucky if even half the store is dedicated to fabric.   The ironic thing about this is that there is no better way to project your own personal style than through the clothes you wear….for better or for worse ;-)

Here's hoping this blog will kindle a few creative sparks in some of you out there.   I'm not going to say it's really easy (although sometimes it is) and I'm not going to say it's much less expensive than store-bought (although sometimes it is) but I am going to say that there is a terrific sense of satisfaction in creating something only seen inside your imagination.  

One of the most obvious benefits of sewing it yourself is you can subtly and tastefully promote the causes that are dear to you. Whether it's Animal Rescue, Going Green or one of my personal favorites - the love of all things Mac - you can find your own way of saying it. 

Rescue2 Go Green2 mac

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing with you some of my stitchery triumphs and tragedies……I hope you'll come back!